We believe that great chocolate is born from using quality ingredients. Our chocolates are handmade to a high standard and made to customer order. Our convenient snack-size bars come in four flavours and can be found in all good food stores and gift shops. We can also make wedding/party favours and   corporate/event giveaways. Treat yourself and taste the difference...

Dark chocolate infused with natural and certified organic orange essence. The hint of citrus brings happiness to your taste buds while the quality of the dark chocolate will leave you begging for more. 
This is one for the mint-a-holics! Not just an after-eight treat, this dark chocolate with natural and certified organic mint essence delivers a nice refreshing hit to the senses any time of day.
Our non-fussy dark chocolate for those with simple refined taste. Goes great with a cup of coffee and complements a glass of robust red vino mighty finely.
Super Dark
The dark knight of our range boasting 73% cocoa mass, it means business and not for the faint hearted. A great pick-me-up and is scrumptious in dessert recipes.